Naming Ceremonies

So you want to name your kid/pet/car/ship right?

Babies and kids are cute aren’t they! (so are pets, cars and ships!) Having a few kiddies (and pets, cars – no ships- yet -) of my own, I know how important ceremonies such as this can be for a family.

If you want to celebrate the birth and naming of your little one without too much ‘holy water on the head, praise that old holy Jesus etc etc’ aspect, I can totally help you out.

Maybe you want the chance to welcome a kiddo into your family, DNA doesn’t make a family but love sure does! If you want to welcome a special someone into your family and bestow a name upon them with a naming ceremony I’d love to help you do it! On the flip side maybe you’ve decided to change your name because your given one wasn’t quite the right fit for you, if you’d like the chance to share the new you and your new name with the world please hit me up, I’d love to help!

My naming ceremonies can include a tree planting, sand blending, wishing stones, time capsule / treasure chest, money tree, candle lighting, a butterfly release or showering your little one with petals – basically, you can have whatever you want!

You’re only limited by your imagination for your child and what suits them and their personality. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about your upcoming naming day, and see my FAQs to see a list of fees.