Funeral Services, Memorials & Scattering of Ashes

I am an award winning funeral celebrant having been conducting funeral services across the south of England since October 2020.  Since then, I have helped families in my community say a proper farewell to their loved one. 

I have a background in working with thousands of families during their time of grief during my time working for the Coroner, and I have a Diploma in Bereavement Counselling and Public Speaking.  In October 2022 I was a finalist in the Good Funeral Awards for the ‘Celebrant of the Year 2022’ category, and I recently was shortlisted (and WON!) the ‘Outstanding Funeral Celebrant Award 2022’ with the AOIC (Association of Independent Celebrants).  An achievement I am incredibly proud of.

As a funeral celebrant, I will work with families and individuals from all walks of life, of all religions and none. I am committed to making sure the day goes exactly the way you want and with my guidance and support, the service will not only be beautiful, but it will also be memorable and unique.

Unlike traditional services that tend to be a ‘cut and paste job’, each ceremony I write is written from scratch and beautifully reflects the person who has died, who they were in life, and the impact they have made on those around them. 

A celebrant led funeral service facilitated by me is a celebration of life and we speak of the person who has died in high regard, whilst reflecting on their time spent on Earth. It is an opportunity for us to give thanks to your special person and acknowledge the legacy they have left behind.

If you’re asking yourself – Wow…yes! We would like a Celebration of Life service for our loved one, not a doom and gloom service where we feel like we need to bow down and cry! In fact, my loved one would have cringed at the thought!  How can we book you?

Well, all you need to do is send me a message via my website! Tell me a bit about what you’re after and we’ll take it from there. 

Okay, so what happens when we book you for a service?  You’ll have a few hours to sit with me to share stories and pictures, and really help me get to know you, your family and your loved one – Who were they?  What made them light up?  What did they value most in life?  What legacy do they leave behind for us?  Based on this (and everything else you tell me), I will create a beautifully written service with content that is meaningful to you and your family – and I’ll leave you with a service that your loved one would have been super stoked about.  I will guide you EVERY step of the way too…if you’ve never had to arrange a funeral or memorial before…I’VE GOT YOU and I’m here for you!

The ultimate aim for me when it comes to a funeral or memorial service is that you – and the congregation – feel uplifted rather than depleted, and that I was able to provide you with a spookily accurate, well delivered celebration of life service that has perfectly captured the essence of the person who has died.  I want people to come to you after the service and say ‘well, damn…did that celebrant chick know Jane? Because it sure as hell seemed like it!

What’s even more great?  I am able to incorporate elements from other faiths and beliefs and we can always include the Lord’s Prayer or a lovely little Hymn or Psalm (you know…just in case God is listening.)

The families I have offered my services to in the past have spoken very highly of my approach to delivering a beautiful, yet sensitive service unlike any service they’ve ever been to before. Please feel free to read my testimonial page if you’d like to see what other families have been saying.

I am pleased to offer all my families a bespoke funeral & memorial service package which includes...

  • Unrestricted contact via face-to-face meetings, virtual, phone, email and text – This time is very important for me to get to know who has died and incorporate their life story into a fitting tribute to share with everyone present on the day of the funeral.
  • Close liaison with your chosen Funeral Director/Arranger to ensure all aspects of the service are planned to a T.
  • Preparation of the contents of the service which can be altered right up until the day before the funeral- including recommending and offering you a selection of poetry, readings, songs or hymns suited to the person who has died.
  • I will ensure that the exact music choice you want is sourced and available for use on the day. Using a portable amp I am also able to provide your music for graveside services or in venues that do not have access to online music providers such as Obitus or Wesley .
  • Full coordination and delivery of  the service on the day – ensuring a calm and smooth delivery, and supporting you emotionally before and after (if required)
  • Beautifully presented keepsake of the script and token gift.
(Baby and Children Funeral Services I offer free of charge, up until the age of 16 years)

Did you know….you can opt to have your loved ones funeral or memorial ANYWHERE you want!  You are not only limited to a crematorium or burial ground…  I have conducted beautiful services in woodland, living rooms, gardens, hotels, community halls and even a beach – you name it. As I said earlier, I’ve got your back, and I’m here for you.  

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