Frequently asked questions...

Here is a list of questions that I get asked from time to time...
(Disclaimer: A lot of these refer to WEDDINGS/ROV ceremonies...for funeral and naming ceremonies, please contact me)

Yes of course!! I love writing personalised, bespoke ceremonies and ceremonies and services based on your story. You can have as much input as you want, and I will add my own special touches as well!

Yes of course!! Whilst I encourage my couples to write their own vows and promises, I can give expert guidance if you prefer to use something that already exists that you can tweak to make your own, or use in its entirety.  It’s YOUR day, so there are no wrong ways about it!

Absolutely!! LOVE IS LOVE and LOVE has no barriers (anyone that says otherwise is a bit of a knobhead tbh).   I cater for all types of ceremonies and I look forward to helping you create the most amazing LGBTQ+ wedding!

YASSSS!!! Unlike a registrar-led ceremony, having a celebrant lead your ceremony means that there are NO RESTRICTIONS when it comes to religious content. You want to mention the ol’ man upstairs, you know, just in case he’s listening? WHY NOT? LET’S GET HIM ON BOARD! You want to incorporate some voodoo wicca magic shiz AND give thanks to the Four Heavenly Kings of China at the same time? YOU GOT IT! Let’s blend our faiths and beliefs…we’re not all the same, and mixing it up to suit YOUR beliefs and style is what it’s all about!  Why not throw in a hymn while you’re at it? Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’?

It’s always super useful for us to meet in person to get a celebrant / couple connection vibe type thing that will be evident on the day of the wedding and make the ceremony seem more laid back and fun… As if I’m conducting a wedding for friends of mine (not gonna lie, we’re probably going to become buddies after this whole experience, lucky for me!). I offer face to face chats and telephone chats and can accommodate your schedule as best I can.

Weddings/ROV start at £550.00 and go to up £695.00 dependent on location and type of package.

Naming ceremonies are set at £300.00 including mileage within 10 miles of OX12.

Funerals and Celebration of Life Memorials start at £240.00 and go up to £260.00 dependent on location.  (Children and baby funerals incur no charge.)

Ash scattering/interment ceremonies incurs only mileage fee if I was the celebrant who conducted the funeral. If I did not conduct the funeral, my ash scattering ceremony fee is £60.00 including mileage.

My funeral/naming ceremony prices are set however my weddings/renewal of vow prices can be negotiated depending on your requirements/budget.

That’s AWESOME. I think you’re pretty cool too! Please contact me so we can talk about your requirements and if you’re still super stoked you found me and want to have the best celebrant ever to create and deliver your ceremony or service, I will send you a booking form for you to fill out and return with a small deposit to secure your date.

I can be booked as far in advance as you’d like and I am currently receiving bookings for 2024 and 2025 (if you’re having your wedding in 2023 get in touch QUICK because nearly all the dates are already gone!).   Sometimes, on the very rare occasion, things don’t go to plan with another celebrant, SO I am also available should you require a celebrant at the last minute, especially in the autumn and winter months – kind of like a Celebrant Superhero – swooping in to save the day!

OH my GAWD! I am always down for a Disney moment and any excuse to get into fancy dress so the answer is absolutely YES! – Chances are I already have the costume because I LOVE dressing up – BUT if you want something in particular that I don’t already own, I’ll just add a nominal fee on to the quote to cover the cost of the garment/accessories. Boo-ya!

A celebrant is a person trained and accredited (well the good ones usually are!) by a celebrant-training organisation to preside over and officiate at a range of ceremonies and celebrations, such as: weddings, vow renewals, baby naming, funerals and memorials.

A registrar is a government official who performs ceremonies only in venues licensed for marriages, using specified contractual wording to legalise a marriage. No spiritual or religious content is permitted by a registrar – not even a poem that mentions a religious word – and the couple will not usually have the opportunity to meet the registrar assigned to them, before the day of their marriage, and your ceremony will be cut and pasted (with the exception of maybe a few lines about your own love story added in if you’re lucky), and often feels rushed as the Registrar may have several other ceremonies after yours – I used to be one…so this is known from experience!

With a celebrant, you have total freedom to say the words that suit you best and to participate in a ceremony which is wholly appropriate to you both and your way of life; celebrating the occasion in a meaningful way, reflecting your unique relationship.  Your ceremony will be all about YOU as a couple and an individual, and it’ll be absolutley perfect. 

You can arrange your legal registration simply and relatively cheaply, with your local register office, for as little as around £50 each. Fees do vary between each local authority, but you are perfectly entitled to shop around and to travel, to undertake the most basic, cheapest registration – called a ‘statutory ceremony’ where you say your legal declarations and contracting words before the registrar and 2 witnesses before signing the ‘schedule’ (used to be called the Register).  Then you can go away and plan the wedding ceremony of your dreams with an amazing celebrant that YOU have chosen! aka me me mee!)

Yes absolutely!  I’m trained and fully accredited and hold public liability and indemnity insurance with the Association of Independent Celebrants – a large network of excellent celebrants who must adhere to a strict code of conduct, with really high standards and expectations. We are all subject to regular peer review, as well as having a commitment to training and CPD.