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I am an Australian born sun-obsessed, travel enthusiast (fingers crossed I can get to South America and Indonesia within the next decade…) who is free-spirited, charismatic, organised, witty, supportive, and compassionate.  I also have a passion for creative writing, which comes in handy when you’re a celebrant! I am based in South Oxfordshire and travel extensively throughout the country and abroad to deliver personalised, bespoke and amazing ceremonies to people from all walks of life.

So… how did it all begin? My celebrant journey started in 2015 when I started working as a Registrar.   After a little while I decided to leave that behind to concentrate on giving my couples and families exactly what they want, with the freedom to have their special day anywhere, anytime.   I went full steam ahead with my indepenent celebrant work last year and it has been one hell of a whirlwind!

I have had the privilege of conducting ceremonies and services for hundreds of couples and families and I pride myself on my writing skills and telling your story in a way that is authentic and heart-warming.   I am also willing to accept the challenge of changing people’s views that the wedding ceremony part of the day is boring AF.  

So you want to know more about this random Aussie celebrant bird, do ya!?

Whatever ceremony you are looking for I will make sure that it is created around you, reflecting your unique story with words that have meaning for you and a style that is all yours. Whether you want formal or relaxed, traditional or a bit ‘out there’, I can create your dream ceremony and help you to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Feel free to contact me for an initial no obligation chat and navigate yourself around my website to learn more about the services I offer. 

I am available for all types of ceremonies and services –  weddings, renewal of vows, funerals, memorials, namings, adoption ceremonies, pet blessings, pet funerals and gender recognition ceremonies – as well as ash scattering and interment services…. Basically any important milestone you feel you may need someone to stand up in front of people and speak without feeling the need to picture them naked (gross) and make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you may wish to consider hiring a celebrant (aka – me!) I am also in full support of LGBTQI couples – of course!! Because love is love and the world has bigger problems than girls who kiss girls and boys who kiss boys.